List of Services:

  • Obtaining pre-ruling from the Tax Authority regarding business operations in Israel and abroad.
  • Planning and estimation of taxes due, following business activities including consultation prior to establishments and development of businesses
  • Evaluation of taxes due by corporations during and following acquisitions, spin-offs and mergers; tax planning
  • Tax Planning prior to realization of assets to optimize strategy according to tax laws and potential tax benefits.
  • Professional opinions regarding various tax issues in Israel.
  • Consultation and professional support during tax audits and discussions, on all tax aspects: Income tax, real estate transactions, sales tax (V.A.T.) including voluntary disclosures of assets and income.
  • Representation in discussions with Tax Authority officials.
  • Tax consulting regarding immigration to and from Israel.
  • Tax planning regarding stocks and options distributions, for employees and corporate directors.
  • Review and assessment of tax reports by partnerships, corporations and non-profit organizations and attempts to optimize tax debts and obligations.
  • Consulting to non-profit organizations on various tax aspects